G-Star Raw: Who says cool says Snoop Dogg?

Snoop Dogg has lent his image to many, many brands (Just Eat, Adidas, Dunkin’, SodaStream, Corona… just to name a few). The fifty-year-old rapper willingly gives of himself with a nice dose of self-mockery. 

G-Star Raw has chosen Snoop Dogg as the new ambassador for their new global campaign (agency The Family Amsterdam). The hardcore denim brand has launched a film in the form of a video clip in which Snoop Dogg’s track “Say it Witcha Booty” humorously celebrates all the booty that only the brand’s jeans are able to show off perfectly.

The campaign aims to pay ironic homage to “all the denim butts”, according to G-Star’s marketing director. If a brand wants to be cool, it calls on Snoop Dogg… except those dozens of others have thought the same thing before!