How (and why) to use hashtags well

Hashtags are a powerful element to optimize for promoting your business by increasing the organic reach of your posts… and to get your content seen by people who don’t necessarily follow you.

The use of tags only became popular in 2007, when product designer Chris Messina suggested using # signs to tag and group conversations. From Twitter to Instagram, no less than 125 million hashtags are exchanged every day. If the practice of this “hashtag” is now inseparable from that of social networks, it is because of the “#” that it has become the heart of social networks.

The “#” has become the heart of social networks and punctuates all media events, from #metoo to #BlackLivesMatter. No less than 125 million are exchanged every day. Widely popularized with the arrival of the social network Twitter, hashtags have become a staple of all social networks over the years for grouping related content together. Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to extend your influence beyond your current followers. By using relevant hashtags, people searching or following those keywords on Instagram will be more likely to find a brand and its posts.There are automatic hashtag generators. Instagram’s native feature will automatically suggest hashtags by giving the number of posts associated with them as a popularity indicator.

It is also possible to use a popular hashtag generator: Displaypurposes, TagsFinder, Sistrix, All Hashtag, Instavast, Inflact