Jardiland offers its customers an immersive experience and original content

Jardiland has chosen a young French company Touchify to equip some of its stores with dynamic interactive screens. The objective for the brand is to offer its customers a unique, immersive, and fun experience with specific content.

The emotion is there thanks to the quality of breathtaking images mixing real and virtual. Thanks to this technology, Touchify invents a new use for consumers and opens the field of possibilities in interactive display. Unlike looped videos where consumers have no control, here, users choose the information that interests them. As actors in the digital experience, they can discover all the local partners and suppliers whose products are offered in the store. Touchify offers a new way to communicate by allowing companies to create a strong link with customers, to immerse them in a world they can fully control. The experience can give the impression of being immersed in a futuristic environment. It provides brands with a playful and modular technology to multiply the possibilities. Companies, like Jardiland, benefit from a great freedom to create interactive and dynamic contents in total autonomy. Brands can give free rein to their creativity to tell stories and engage the consumer while offering a differentiating experience thanks to three complementary tools: the creation of interactive content, the control of its distribution and the collection of usage data to measure the performance of the content to better understand consumer behavior and better understand their expectations.

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