Receive your order in the Ghostbusters car? Uber Eats did it

In October in London, Uber Eats reserved a surprise to its customers, indeed their orders were delivered on board the Batmobile, the car of James Bond or the car of Ghostbusters. An original and viral idea for a remarkable product launch.

In collaboration with KFC, Uber Eats is behind this marketing operation that benefited a few customers and had a consequent reach on social networks. No Batman or James Bond to deliver the takeaway orders, just their cars for a definite “wow” effect. The Batmobile, the Aston Martin DB5 or the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters are among the most iconic vehicles in cinema according to a British study. This is the surprise that an order placed on the Uber Eats application promises. The operation was launched to celebrate KFC’s new product, the “Zinger Popcorn Bucket”.

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