Salesforce makes Slack its universal communication platform

Salesforce has unveiled the first features that should make Slack a universal interface linking all its solutions and services. 

Salesforce started integrating Slack into its ecosystem in August, or rather the opposite: integrating its existing services into Slack, which it wants to make its main communication platform. A strategy announced during its acquisition of Slack for nearly $ 30 billion. Slack will be the interface connecting users to each other, but also connecting their different products and services, including those of third-party companies. The idea is to have access to all the tools you need in a single interface. The idea is to simplify communication… and speed up negotiations towards a signature. Each participant can also receive daily summaries of the project’s progress. Marketing teams will also be able to take advantage of these automatic alerts when an event occurs on a campaign. It is also possible to create rooms called swarms to help each other with complex issues or rare cases. 

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