“Squid Game”: the series that made the media sector skyrocket on the Seoul Stock Exchange

After the worldwide success of the Netflix series Squid Game, investors flocked to companies linked to the programme. 

This creation is the most watched non-English series on Netflix to date. The question it raises is: “Are you willing to die to pay off your debts? “Squid Game” features 456 people, all facing great financial difficulties, invited to participate in a child’s game competition. Those who lose die and the one who goes the furthest will have the chance to win $38.5 million. The Korean drama has been airing since 17 September and is blowing up all the counters, including the stock counters of at least two companies linked to the series. According to Bloomberg, distribution company Bucket Studio, which has a stake in the agency representing Lee Jung-Jae – the lead actor in “Squid Game” – has jumped more than 70 percent in the past three trading sessions in Seoul. Showbox, which invested in Siren Pictures, the show’s private production company, jumped more than 50 percent in September. Due to the global demand for Korean entertainment content, the shares of the country’s film and TV production companies could therefore outperform the stock market over the next two to three years!

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