The O2 in Fortnite with Easy Life: a musical adventure

If attending a show is one thing, being a part of it is another, and that’s what The O2 and community creators have offered to Fornite players: an interactive music adventure accessible for a week in late June.

The O2 Island and Easy Life experience at The O2 was designed by O2 and community creator Wert, assisted by creators DolphinDom, KKSlider and Hellraiser.

The location: on The O2 island of the Creative mode, it was possible for the audience to find various mini-games and attractions accessible via one of the portals of the Creative home. The portal of The O2 allowed to attend a show by the successful band Easy Life. The experience offered a surprising and unexpected dive into the imagination of Easy Life, a fully interactive show in which the player is constantly on the move! Lasting approximately 20 minutes, the show featured tracks from Easy Life’s new album, “life’s a beach”. The O2 Island has signs with a code to get the Fresh Good Spray. In addition, all players who participate in the experience to the end received the music UFOs and aliens, designed in collaboration by Easy Life and the Fortnite sound team.

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