Tika the Iggy X Zara: the era of the dog is coming

After the era of the cat, the Internet seems to be giving way to dog influencers. Tika the Iggy, Italian greyhound, and Instagram and Tik Tok influencer with more than 2 million followers has just signed a partnership with the Spanish brand Zara in the US and continues to build partnerships.

Beyond the playful quality of his presence on social networks, this Canadian star dog promotes jewelry, Shopify, Germain hotels, a TV show and, of course, and more naturally perhaps, several dog clothing brands. Some collaborations take place directly on social networks, where the dog influencer presents products in his publications for a fee. But Tika also takes photos for traditional advertising campaigns. Recently, for example, she served as a model for the giant Zara. But Iggy pays attention to details: the shirt is made of organic cotton grown with natural fertilizers and pesticides and a technology that aims to reduce water consumption during its production! Pragmatic and ethical Tika 😉

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