“We are the making”: zoom on the launch of the 1st Instagram made in India

On October 11, Instagram’s first Indian campaign, in partnership with DDB Mudra, was released. The video has already been viewed over 2.7M times on YouTube in 6 days. A campaign that advocates self-discovery through creation.

This campaign was born from an observation: among Instagram users, especially the younger generation, there is a desire to express themselves, to be part of a community, but above all they seek general approval. That’s why Instagram announced in this campaign that they want to encourage young people to express themselves and explore their personal stories, sharing them on the platform through Reels. The key word: show yourself as you are on Instagram.

Self-discovery and the emergence of new creators

Identity is something that is constructed, it is constantly explored and never fixed. This makes it an incredible vehicle for creativity and allows us to discover and experiment with new things, as the two videos posted on YouTube on the Instagram account show us.

This 360-degree campaign will be seen on TV, digital, outdoor and will include more experiential elements says Instagram. For 10 weeks, it will be broadcast and visible across India in 8 local languages. With this campaign, Instagram is looking to connect with the younger generation, those budding designers.

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