Apple TV+ series: a massive product placement strategy

Ted Lasso is an American series that has been broadcast on Apple TV+ since August 2020. This same series has helped Apple to establish itself in the streaming war. It has been pinned down for massive Apple product placements… a strategy that really pays off?

In the series produced by Apple, product placements take on another dimension. Journalist Kenny Wassus analysed all the episodes (74 in total) offered by Apple TV+, he found 704 shots where Apple products are placed in the 74 episodes: no less than 300 iPhones, 120 MacBooks, 40 AirPods! It’s obvious in the Ted Lasso series, in just one 29-minute episode alone, Apple products appear… 36 times! It’s not surprising to see product placements, especially from Apple, but now that the brand has its own streaming platform, it can integrate its products in another way.

A strategy that leaves nothing to chance

Indeed, it is not enough to just see the brand’s products on the screen, Apple uses all the potential of the small screen by also placing sounds (jingle, notification sound…) that are those of its products. The Apple gadgets take over the screen, even if it means that they become plot devices, so that the link between the viewers and the characters is transferred to the brand. However, this overly aggressive and omnipresent marketing technique may cause some consumers to feel fed up!