Clubhouse : when sound (re)becomes a huge playground

Symbolized by the success of the social voice network Clubhouse, and just before it by the explosion of podcasts and music streaming, the sound medium appeals for its spontaneity and fluid, hands-free use.

Twitter has officially launched Spaces, its audio platform, to users with more than 600
subscribers. Sound is also tempting brands to broadcast content. Voice is regaining a place it
had lost with the keyboard and touch. Brands are interested in it to personalize and make
more immersive the experience of their customers, especially when they buy only on
screens. L’Oréal recently experimented with the IRCAM subsidiary, a perfume that can be
listened to thanks to a color chart capable of transposing different types of odors into
sounds. This perfume is Spice Bomb Infrared by Viktor & Rolf. Behind a perfume, there is
always a story, not just a smell. It’s about intimacy, feelings, experiences… To promote its
wines, the champagne brand Krug has also called on its researchers to compose a dozen
soundscapes expressing their nuances and subtleties. The creation of 10 soundscapes,
metaphors for 10 parcels of Champagne used in Krug blends, was entrusted to composer
Roque Rivas, associated with sound engineer Clément Cerles. An immersive broadcasting
system was custom designed by Ircam with the company Amadeus to make the listening
experience more intense and to bring the tasting experience closer to the sound experience.